Our Mission

We boldly and innovatively champion success for all students at all stages of their educational journey, and that begins with recruitment of high school students and ends with our students becoming connected Texas Exes, championing the many benefits of a degree from UT.

Providing a Foundation for Academic Success

The University of Texas at Austin is home to world-class faculty and high-caliber students. Enrollment Management works hard to empower and engage our students through innovative services and initiatives that advance knowledge and provide the very best educational environment.

Collaborating closely across multiple units and offices, we strive to recruit and admit the best students, employ advanced algorithms and predictive modeling to inform policy decisions, deliver financial aid that puts students in a position to succeed, ensure our undergraduate students have the classes they need to graduate on time, and pursue innovations in teaching, learning, and online environments.

Our Offices and Units

We aim to be a cohesive team that seamlessly supports the innovation, creativity, and talent necessary to lead higher education in access and student success.

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