Tuition Payment Funds Flow (TPFF)

Since November 2019, a campus-wide committee, including faculty, staff, and students, has been meeting to review the processes that could be streamlined and remove stress and barriers for student tuition payments, including the timing of tuition billing, minimum amount due, and disbursement of financial aid and scholarships. The Tuition Payment and Funds Flow Work Group is sponsored by the Office of the Executive Vice President (EVPP) and Financial Administrative Services.

The updates being implemented were recommended by the TPFF Work Group and approved by the Provost and CFO to begin implementation in the Fall 2021 semester to improve processes to benefit all undergraduate and graduate/professional students. (Changes will be implemented for Dell Medical School in Spring 2022.)


  1. New tuition due date for fall 2021 – Tuesday, August 17 – The first tuition due date will be the same day that students start receiving financial aid, Tuesday, August 17, regardless of when they registered. This allows students to have access to financial aid to pay their tuition bill. Tuition due date for Graduate students remains the same – 4th class day on August 30, 2021.
  2. If a student wants to make multiple payments, there will be three (3) tuition payment due dates – August 17 (week before classes start), September 10 (12th class day), and October 15.  This is reduced from 5 tuition payments now making it easier for students. Students are automatically put on Installment Plan if they don’t pay tuition in full by 12th class day.
  3. Undergraduate tuition due dates and housing due dates are now aligned – Undergraduate housing due dates will be 12th class day (September 10), October 15 and one additional date of November 15. Graduate housing due dates are not changing.  This reduces the number of payment due dates from 9 today.
  4. Scholarships will now be able to pay current bills due (including those awarded through SS1s).  SS1s will defer payment for students for current tuition bills and SS1s still have the option for “holds” and later payment dates. This makes it easier for students so they receive remainder of their scholarship funds after bills are paid.
  5. Minimum tuition payment on the first due date will now be a flat rate of $1500 for Texas Residents and $5000 for non-Texas residents – for undergraduates and graduate students. This is approximately 20% of total tuition due (reduced from current 50%) and is only one rate for all colleges and schools. Any size payment can be made and accepted after minimum payment of $1500 or $5000 is made. This change reduces the confusion of having different amounts due when making the initial payment.
  6. Students will sign a Financial Responsibility Statement (FRS) online each semester. The FRS is the agreement students sign to acknowledge their understanding that they must pay tuition and fees if they are going to enroll at UT Austin.  Students must sign the FRS or they will have a registration bar. The FRS will be available for students to sign when the course schedule is published on April 6.  They must sign before they register for classes starting April 19.
  7. “My Tuition Bill” and other tuition webpages have been redesigned to increase understanding and transparency for students to complete their billing transactions.  There is also a new a mobile friendly version for students to access on their phones.

Details of Changes

  • First tuition due date for undergraduate students is same day that financial aid and scholarships are released, 8 days before the first day of classes in the fall semester. For 2021, first tuition due date for fall semester is Tuesday, August 17.
  • On night of Thursday August 19, any undergraduate student who has not confirmed enrollment will be canceled from classes. This is prior to the final registration period starting Friday, August 20, and the first day of classes on Wednesday, August 25.
  • Undergraduate tuition due dates are reduced to only 3 payment dates – August 17 (confirm attendance and make minimum payment), September 10 (12th class day – pay balance due or automatically entered into the Installment Plan), and October 15 (final due date or student will have a late fee and bar on registering).
  • Tuition due date for Graduate students remains the same – 4th class day on August 30, 2021.

  • Educates students about their financial obligations to pay tuition and fees when attending the university.
  • Available for students to sign starting 2 weeks before registration opens each semester when the course schedule is published.
  • Accepting the FRS is an easy “click to accept” for students to sign online on a computer or mobile device.
  • Students will have a registration bar until they sign the FRS online. The bar will be removed in real-time when it is signed online.
  • FRS includes the Installment Plan Promissory Note so it reduces paperwork for students.
  • Students will be automatically enrolled in the Installment Plan if they have not paid in full by 12th class day. Students will not be dropped from classes for “add bills” created during add/drop period.

“My Tuition Bill” and other tuition payment webpages have a new look to make it easier for students to complete billing transactions with UT. Including a mobile friendly look!

  • Tuition Bill will display total owed, financial aid and scholarships available to pay bills, and balance due.
  • Tuition Bill will display record of payment(s) made toward bill.

  • April 5 – Financial Responsibility Statement (FRS) is available for students to sign
  • April 19 – First day of registration for Fall 2021 semester. FRS must be signed or students will have a registration bar.
  • August 17 – Tuition Due Date – students must confirm attendance and pay or defer tuition bill or their classes will be cancelled.
    • Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid begin disbursements
  • August 20 – Final registration period opens
  • August 25 – First day of classes
  • September 10 – 12th class day, 2nd Tuition Due Date, and 1st undergraduate housing bill due date – students must pay tuition amount due or will be automatically put in installment plan
  • October 15 – Final tuition payment due date and 2nd undergraduate housing bill due date
  • November 15 – Final (3rd) undergraduate housing payment due date

Communications to Students

Multiple emails, texts, SANs will be sent to students starting April 5 about the FRS and other tuition changes.  Information will be provided on websites (i.e. TOS, MyUT) starting April 5.

Changes to SS1 Scholarship Processes

  • SS1 Scholarships/Fellowships pay current bills as well as past-due bills. Remaining funds are sent to student.
  • Scholarships must be “final approved” to be included on the new “Tuition Bill” page. However “created” scholarships in FRMS will still be listed on a student’s FAN under “Resources”.
  • Target date for creation and final approval of SS1 scholarships is August 1. Date will vary by CSU.
  • CSUs can specify future date for SS1 payment and can still have a “hold” on scholarship to delay payment. If “hold” is not released by the last due date, October 15, then student will owe their balance due.
  • Student must confirm attendance for SS1 scholarships to pay out.
  • Best practice is for SS1 scholarship to pay as soon as possible – no later than 13th class day.
  • 6 exceptions for SS1 scholarships to pay current bills:
    • Travel awards
    • Study abroad awards
    • Cash prizes
    • Post-doctoral fellowships
    • Emergency Use (new!)
    • Awards for Non-Enrolled (new!)

Emergency Use Scholarship

New award type to provide students with aid for immediate emergency uses.  This should not be used for students to pay tuition or other university bills.

Emergency Use Scholarships will have option for creator to choose to pay bars for past due balances. These will not pay current bills. For students receiving financial aid, OSFA will review awards to determine eligibility to cost of attendance.

Awards for Non-Enrolled

These are special scholarships, including those given to attendees of special summer programs who are not currently enrolled in the university as well as other purposes.

Graduate Students

Tuition due date for Graduate and Professional students remains the 4th class day, August 30, 2021!


Option III programs have a different tuition structure than regular degree programs at the University. Students in Option III programs should check with the program administrator for tuition rate information. Option III programs are designated on the Program & Contacts page with “- Option III”.