Texas Student Recruiter: Enhancing Your Longhorn Journey

When I imagined myself attending The University of Texas at Austin, I thought of how I would handle the academic rigor and the great professors I would have as mentors. Although this is true to my college experience, I quickly learned that the magic happens outside of the classroom and in the networking opportunities, resources, and experiential programs that UT offers. There is no doubt that one will enhance their experience as a Longhorn if they participate in these. Here are a few ways in which I’ve done just that:

Semester Programs: UT in NYC

UT Austin has an endless amount of exchange and study abroad programs. And although I would love to participate in one of the many programs, traveling abroad isn’t so safe after the Coronavirus outbreak. But even amid all this, I still found a way to take my UT experience outside Texas. I am currently writing this blog post from my apartment in New York City, as I am participating in the UTNY program. This experiential learning program provides UT students the opportunity to live, work, and learn in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. I am currently completing a marketing internship and studying with UTNY faculty in courses tailored to the NYC urban environment.

Student Involvement

UT is home to over 1,100 student organizations, offering students countless opportunities to discover new interests, pursue their favorite hobbies, strengthen their skills and make friends. As a freshman, I was overwhelmed by the multitude of options and attended so many info sessions that even being bribed with free food could not get me to attend one more. Finally, I ended up building close connections with members of a religious fellowship, Chi Alpha. After almost three years, I still consider them my closest friends and will probably do so for a lifetime.

In addition, as I grew an interest in law, I became a member of Minority Women Pursuing Law, a pre-law student organization. Here, I found resources, networking opportunities, friends, and, best of all, a leadership role. After a semester of being a member, I was selected as treasurer and am proud to say that I have learned the ins and outs of running an organization that successfully serves its community. These organizations provided me with the opportunity to apply what I learned in the classroom to real-life experiences, and more than that, I made meaningful connections wide and far.

These are only a few of the thousand ways that students can enhance their Longhorn experience! The best part of it all is that UT offers you a place to do this no matter what your interests or career goals are.

– Romeli, Texas Student Recruiter